Vision and Design

Collections of Cinema and Media Music (C2M2) seeks to provide scholars working with music in film, television, video game, and other types of media with an easy way to locate archival materials relevant to their research. This website will host a database searchable by composer, title of a work, production company, publication date, location of materials, etc. This information will be gathered by working with both scholars and archivists active in the field. For now, new materials will be added to the database by the creators of this site, Michael Harris and Sienna Wood, but in the near future we hope to bring on additional contributors to help with tasks such as this.

As this project matures, C2M2 hopes to foster communication between scholars, archivists, and practitioners in order to build a robust archival record of cinema and media music. For more on this, see Why C2M2?.

In the future, a form like this will allow users to search for archival resources concerning media music.